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GTZ Transport at the CIVITAS FORUM conference 2009

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The 7th CIVITAS (City-VITAlity-Sustainability) Forum Conference is the annual platform of the correspondent initiative by the European Commission and was hosted by the city of Krakow in Poland from 19 – 21 October 2009. Its intention is to promote the dialogue between politicians, scientists and practitioners concerning sustainable urban transport in European cities.

The dialogue is based on the various projects of the CIVITAS member cities and the experiences of numerous other European and non-European cities that committed themselves to sustainable urban transport strategies. About 380 participants shared their experiences. Experts gave presentations on the progress of current CIVITAS projects in ‘technical sessions’. Afterwards the presentations were discussed with the audience. Core areas were e.g. Integrated Demand Management and Roads Pricing Systems as well as new forms of car use such as car sharing.

Apart from the project discussion round tables focused on the identification of new fields of activities as well as on gathering information and ideas for the future development of the CIVITAS initiative. It was emphasized that there is not only a need of greater interaction and cooperation between the different projects. There is also an increasing need to transfer European knowledge and examples of best practice to developing countries.

The conference was accompanied by two plenary sessions. They stressed out the importance of sustainable urban transport systems all over the world, especially regarding the increasing economical activities and the dynamic growth of world population. It is absolutely necessary that European countries have to lead the way towards the implementation of sustainable transport systems and integrated mobility strategies. This will help to reduce worldwide transport-related CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and increases energy efficiency.


On the exhibition floor of the conference the GTZ transport division presented its approaches for sustainable transport and informed visitors about its field of activity.


For further information see http://www.civitas.eu/cms_forum09.phtml?id=1918.

The presentations can be downloaded here: http://www.civitas.eu/downloadcenter.phtml?top=81&s_topic=597&rows=9.